Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hey all

I'm closing my blog

I am still infertile, but I am dealing with it better and better. It is easier to say Travis will be an only child. We are so lucky we got him. I need to move on. and that includes this blog. I enjoy writing, and will probably start another one - but for now, this one has reached its' end. I am on facebook and follow a lot of you on your blogs. If you read me, especially if you are a lurker and I am unaware of you, and you would like to continue to read my musings when I find a new location, please email me

mom2travise @ yahoo . com

To all of you still waiting for your bundle - strength and healing to you. I wish for you peace, no matter the outcome.

I will leave this up for a bit, then move on. Thank you for reading!

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